After writing to Jillyan the other day, I wanted to re-read something I wrote a while ago. I tried to open a particular file and Word gave me the standard "File open: open read only?" error message. This confused me. I tried to open a few other files and some of my University project work came up with the same problem. Weirdly, it wasn't the same for every file I tried, only some. I am certain I have not opened these files for weeks, and cetainly not since the last reboot.

Then I noticed that my hard disk was very busy and the dial-up prompt came up. My machine is trying to dial out? Why? I quickly cancelled it. Initially I cursed Microsoft, but now I'm worried I've picked up a virus. I'm always installing shareware and I guess you never know what's in it.

Does anyone know of a decent (free) virus checker I should use? I feel sorry for not having installed one before now.

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