Hello. Sorry I haven't been around for so long. I've been busy looking for jobs and its quite depressing. Even worse my phone was disconnected! BT don't appreciate people not paying their bills it seems. I sorted it out though and they reconnected me very quickly once I paid up.

Good news! I have a job interview! It's booked for next Monday. It's not the kind of job I was expecting to take. It's a position as a techical writer for a small magazine in London. I don't think it's going to be particularly well paid (I will find out on Monday) but sounds like a lot of fun.

Having done an Electrical Engineering degree I assumed I would move into something quite technical. However, the harsh realities of the dole queue have changed my perspective and I've been tempted by (and taken) jobs I would previously have rejected out of hand. While at University I kind of assumed that things would pan out. I'd never contemplated being an unemployed graduate. I guess I'm not alone but it's nevertheless a pretty depressing prospect. During school and college and even university, my life was both safe and planned. There was an order to my days and a schedule to my weeks.

Now though I face uncertainty and daytime TV.

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