Eymeric also spelled EYMERICH, OR EIMERIC, Spanish NICOLÁS EIMERICO, Roman Catholic theologian, grand inquisitor at Aragon, and supporter of the Avignon papacy. After joining the Dominican Order in 1334, Eymeric wrote on theology and philosophy. Appointed grand inquisitor about 1357, he performed his duties zealously and made so many enemies that he was removed from office in 1360. He continued to teach and write and was again appointed inquisitor in 1366. He opposed the writings of Ramon Llull, the philosopher, and influenced Pope Gregory XI to condemn several of Llull's works. When King John I of Aragon ascended the throne in 1387, he was influenced to defend Llull's works and to banish Eymeric. The inquisitor retained his position but retired to the Avignon papal court. His only extensive work, Directorium inquisitorium , was compiled in 1376 as a guide for inquisitors and was later printed (1503) and reissued many times. He returned to the Gerona monastery in 1397.

He is known for writing about the many books on necromancy he had confiscated from sorcerors himself. These books dealt with all types of “forbidden” magic. He recounts, in his Directory for Inquisitors, that such necromantic magics included baptizing images, summoning spirits, invoking unfamiliar names, mixing names of angels and demons, fumigating the head of a dead person, casting salts on fire and burning bodies of animals and birds.