There I am a bad, poor, lonesome, newbie noder one night. It's well past 2 AM and I'm thinking that I might be a little bit sleeping and might even start considering sleeping. I still check the new nodes. After all somebody MUST have written something interesting. To my surprise I don't find any interesting nodes. I try a couple randomly and find stupid nodes that might even be worse than my own nodes.

I even try looking at the Chatterbot for something to do. All is quiet... I surf somemore on the nodes of E2. Suddenly I realize that there is something odd going on in the Chatterbot.

EDB is watching you. Only one thought passes quickly though through my head: "Orwell. George Orwell. 1984". Then for no reason my screen turns itself off. I look at the screen. I stare at it. Then finally the image appears. And all is quiet... again.

The skeptic in my brain starts working. It quickly discovers a theory involving a bad power cord. Rather boring. The mystic in me I still not convinced.

All is quiet, but not in my head as I finally fall asleep