Due to the similarity of its phonetics, German contains a number of words that could be misinterpreted by the unwary English-speaker. Among those to look out for are:

   Word                   Meaning

ass (or aß)               ate
bog                       bent
Christ                    Christian
dang                      hired
dick                      fat, thick
Fahrt                     trip, journey
flog                      flew
floss (or floß)           flowed
Fuchs                     fox
Gang                      gear
grub                      dug
handfest                  solid, sturdy
Kraut                     weed
Lager                     store
Mist                      manure
munter                    lively, cheerful
Muschi                    pussy (feline or genital)
Rat                       advice
sechs (pronounced "sex")  six
Seide (" " "cider")       silk
wanken                    sway, stagger
wog                       weighed
(I'm aware "handfest" is not a word in English, but a creative imagination could make a muddle of it.)