A friend of mine and myself cam up with this little ditty. Sing to the tune of "Goodbye Earl" by The Dixie Chicks.

Now Pat had her eye on little Bob Watkins all through their high school days.
And she thought he was really dreamy even though people thought he was gay.
After graduation, Bob went out looking for some spice in his life.
He found the one girl who thought he was straight, and Pat became his wife. Well it wasn’t 2 weeks after they got married that Bob started getting confused.
Cuz she put on his clothes and chopped off all her hair and sold all her high-heeled shoes.
Now Pat spent her days watching Sports Center sitting in the easy chair.
She would drink lots of beer and belch real loud and scratch herself everywhere.
Right away Bob knew that Pat wasn’t normal and it came to his surprise,
When he grabbed her hand and it felt like a man’s, and it didn’t take him long to realize…

The girl was a guy…
You’re a guy girl!
Those mutant hands they seemed kinda manly to me, girl.

Are you a he? Why don’t you act like a she girl?
Are you a dude? Don’t wanna see you nude girl.

So Bob’s mother came over to check Pat out, she searched her high and low.
And she found some hair where there shouldn’t be any and it was just starting to grow.
Well the weeks went by and the hair got longer and things started getting real strange.
Cuz the hair was odd, but things got weirder when her voice started to change.
So they took Pat out and left her by the road, and Bob moved overseas.
Now he eats crackers and cheese and speaks Lebanese and hopes that he will find…

A girl who’s not a guy…