Today is a day of ironies.

Today, I woke up to a song about sleeping. Today, I heard that peace protesters have been arrested for violence. Today I misspelled "spelling." Today in San Francisco, anti-war protesters voiced their displeasure with the United States government two blocks from people lining up to become United States citizens. Today, I saw a of a Progressive claims insurance vehicle that had been completely totaled. Today, I wrote about that claims vehicle thing, that really happened yesterday. Tomorrow, I will get on a plane bound for California. Simultaneously, a package I ordered from California will be shipped to my home air freight. We will cross in the air.

Irony abounds.

And you know what? If it didn't, I would just get up and leave. In todays world of uncertainties and bleak news, I need a little humor.

All Wal-Marts, K-Marts and ShopKos in Iraq have been closed.

Effective immediately, they have all become Targets.