I must surmise that you are fairly young, since your mother is giving you money for things.

This is normal. It will go away, if you are willing to learn from being poor.

Soon, if it hasn't happened already, someone will offer you a credit card. It will have a credit limit higher that you can safely imagine (My first was 2000 USD, in 1994). It will be preapproved. All you have to do is sign the form and mail it back.

This is a trap.

The credit card companies know that you and every other young person in the world has this exact problem. Everyone young enough to be given money (and that is not a chronological measure of age) has no reason to pay careful attention to how much they spend. And credit is worse, sense you never even see the money going away.

There is a cure!

Fix your Karma:

  • Get married
  • Run up some bills. Rent, car insurance, and food are a good start. Throw in a credit card or two if you are a glutton for punishment.
  • "Accidentally" have a kid
  • Get a second job to feed the little kneebiter

You won't be buying any more cd's. Or anything else for that matter.

Unless people keep giving you money, in which case I hate you.