Today was my first day back at work after a week long vacation.


  • My supervisor may be leaving. Hooray.
  • My best friend my be my new boss. Ummm.
My VP's son is "interning" with us to "learn about computers." He has a bachellor's degree in theology, but I guess he couldn't make any money at it so he figures it is high time for a marketable skill. Too bad he has no knowledge of and no flair for things digital. He says he wants to get into digital filmmaking, like some Flash programming or something.
So we just let him look at movies on the net all day. Kept him from getting crushed by the weight of real responsibility. I herded him back over to the PC he was at when Exchange started dropping connections with people.

I am programming trivial crap right now, but if I finish too soon I will have to help out with trouble calls, so I goof off all day and talk about how "complicated making my ColdFusion generate the JavaScript for the forms that I am having dynamicly generated" is, or some such nonsense. I can't wait untill they open up more projects that I can play with, but for the next couple of weeks it is just spam code.

I am a spammer. But I am not happy about it, and it is for a good cause. Well, that's how I get paid, at any rate.