Tinker Gnomes

Tinker Gnomes are a less well known breed of Gnome. A Tinker Gnome's life ambition is to design and build a device to achieve a given end. Their numbers are small on most worlds, probably due to a combination of high death rate due to 'misfires' of experimental divices and the fact that the primary aim of Tinker Gnome marrage is so as to have someone to hold the blueprints. There are significant numbers on the world of Krynn. Tinker Gnomes are of short height and are prone to short sightedness. The males of the speicies tend to develop facial hair that is not so much a beard as a group of petrified folicles huddling together in fear of the next explosion. Tinker Gnome 'achievements' include

Machine For Getting Upstairs Without Stairs (aka catapult- still in production due to high squelch rate)

Black Dragon Rear Left Leg Scratcher (still in production due to repeated draconic consumption of prototypes)

Gnome Sidewheeler (a flying ship powered by Giant Space Hamsters that actualy works, when the hamsters are in the mood for running in their wheels. There is an unfortunate squelch rate due to loss of power from the hamster generators.)