A couple of weeks ago I surfed a lot through several political URL's. For sure one of these(www.counterpunch.org/leupp0912.html) was mostly responsible for my mind to suffer deep pathological changes resulting in awful nightmares. Fortunately I have forgotten the most part of my last dream, but what follows is a persisting memory that recurrently tortures my brain. My psychotherapist eventually advised me to share such an experience in order to correct -as soon as possible- the abnormal way through which my thoughts are coming.

The topic consists of a presidential address televised from the Bush ranch.

"My fellow Americans.
"Y'all know I'm a straight-shooter. I'm from Texas, where, you know, we speak frankly 'cause that's how we're raised in Texas, as 100 percent Americans who know how to shoot straight. You know, 'there is no capitalism without conscience, and no wealth without character.' And tonight I want to say even more to you, the American people. There's no conscious capitalism with character without oil, and more and more of our oil imports are, in fact, coming from abroad.

"Now, I'm told Iraq has 20 percent of the world's oil. We get 8 percent of our oil from Iraq the even under UN sanctions. Now just you imagine. If we take over, liberate, whatever you wanna call it, Iraq and have all that oil to ourselves, we wouldn't need what I've just the other day called 'our eternal friendship' with Saudi Arabia anymore. We'd have all that oil, and we're already gonna build pipelines from the Casablanca Sea to the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean Ocean. Just imagine what the whiners in Europe will say, when we tell 'em: 'You want oil? Start playin' ball. Don't mess with Texas.'

"So that's the first reason for war. But that's not all. Good is with us. God is the Good, and I've made it very clear, that God will not let Saddam Hussein acquire weapons of mass destruction that can be used by a new Hitler against our friends and allies.

"Finally, as I've said many times, you're either for us or against us, and y'know almost every one of our allies and neutrals don't accept my doctrine -my statement-about the "Axis of Evil." That's just 'cause they don't want us in charge of Iraq and Iran ,just to tear down those nuclear power plants of mass destruction. And so tonight, I call on our brave young men and women to prepare to just roll into those Ay-rab parts of the world. Now, the American people may be asking "Why? Why roll those folks?" Because we need to give them our values, our American values---because I know the American people are a good people---while our European friends I am in consultation with during my phone calls pay for the state-building, peace-keeping, whatever you wanna call it.

"So to summarize this speech, address, whatever you wanna call it: Oil. America, leader of the world. It's about freedom. They hate our freedoms. September 11, 2001 awakened our consciousness without character, and bein' from Texas, I know what that means. That's why we must have what I like to call 'regime change' in Iran, or Iraq, whatever you wanna call it. This must not stand!

"God bless the American people."

That's all. I am very grateful for your patience. Happily, moreover, my favourite neurosurgeon has scheduled a minimally invasive psychosurgical procedure to be performed upon my frontal lobes in order to complete the treatment and thus definitely reconduct such politically incorrect ideas.
Many thanks for your time again.