This is something I would consider myself to suffer from.

It happens all the time. At uni, at work, at home, when I'm out. Sometimes I think it's a side-effect of the dope I occasionally smoke. Other times I try and think back to school (before I even tried dope) and realise I suffered from it then (I think - and I'm quite serious about not being able to remember if I suffered from it - which sounds really bad, as I read that sentence back to myself). Today at work for example, I was being shown a machine that fills test tubes with a dark wax (I'm fairly new to the job y'see), they were trying to explain how it worked. Apparently there are 3 settings, and you need to know which ones to use for different test tubes. I was doing my best to concentrate, and take all the information in, but I couldn't. After the person who was explaining it went away, about 10 seconds later, I had to go and ask them again what to do. It was agony. I'm making myself look stupid just because my brain doesn't have the extra capacity past the words to bloody Pantera and Slayer songs, dates for concerts etc.

They say that taking dope causes short term memory loss, but I know quite a lot of other people that take it a hell of a lot more than me, and one person I know can quote complicated physics formaulae whilst stoned. That is pissing me off.

I'm wondering if there are any herbal remedies, or anything I can do to improve my memory/assertiveness (aside to replying to those awful advertisements from people who claim to be able to memorise the order of 4 packs of playing cards.