Tomato Soup:
Continuing to be sick, I decided to make myself lots of tomato soup. It was campbell’s, I poured in two cans of it. Then reading the directions I put in one can of milk ‘to make it creamier’ and one can of water. Too much milk doesn’t go well with the stomach being sick. I cooked it for a very long time, until it was bubbling and very hot. I then took it down to my room, watched cartoons, and drank it all down. Wow my stomach size increased with the newly added liquids. At least this will not worsen my diarrhea, or so I think. And I’m currently on the phone and this girl is calling me, “Poor baby.” The soup definitely goes down well with her voice.

The Chiropractor:
The funniest thing about this was my X-ray. The doctor told me to take off all metal, including jewelry and unzipping my pants. Although I did take off my watch, ring, cell phone, keys, pens and pencils, I forgot to take off my necklace. So when the X-ray showed up, it showed a nice “W and K” on my necklace, which was very apparent. We both said, “Whops, forgot to take that off.” He realigned my back, and in which it is already out of placement. This will take 6-8 weeks therapy to fix, and heal. It is a good thing we have insurance, and only have to pay a $10 dollar co-payment. Instead of the bigger amount. My dad’s new insurance plan will cover up to 20-30 Chiropractor appointments a year. I think I’ll be using two a week until healed. The electrical therapy from that machine tingles like none other.

The lucky pair of Socks:
One night out of the blue, I had really cold feet. Although my blankets always kept me warm, and very cozy, my feet were freezing. So I decided to put on some socks. Not any special kind of socks, just normal, white, and long socks. I put them on, and slept like a newborn baby after sucking on the succulent breast of a mother. Actually I took some Naproxen, two pills, and that put me to sleep instantly. I did however continue to wear the same pair of socks for three straight days, and not to keep my feet warm. This pair of socks is now my lucky pair. So this may be a little disgusting, but think of it this way, I didn’t do my laundry and so I did not have any clean socks anyway.