Today was a good day.

I woke up, actually got my brother out of bed on time for school, and made it to first period without being late. I’m always on time, never late for any reason, except my brother getting up late. I hate depending on my brother like that, to get rides from him in the morning. I always look forward to the hug I get from Whitney. I really don’t know how I would go about my day without waking up to her smiling face and arms to go around me.

School Classes, A-schedule
First period, competitive speech, debate. That went by slowly, as it always does. I was filing for Extemporaneous Foreign speaking. I cut files out of Times/Economist/Business Week/Tribune/etc. I read most of the articles and highlight. Although filing is boring, I do learn much about the world and it’s current events. I look forward to the day I became Sterling Scholar for Debate/Drama, and take state for a tournament. In-between classes I went and got another darling hug from that magnificent girl.

Second period, honors English, always interesting and fun. Poetry this time, my favorite subject to write about. We learned about some famous poets, and how their styles are completely different. My style is all love and mushy poetry, written for Whitney. That period was relaxing, Ashley Smith sits next to me, always good for a smile.

Third period was A.P. Europe, test today, and I was prepared. I got 100%, got every single one right. That should keep an A for that class, and uphold my 4.0.

Cafeteria Lunch Lunch, and unfortunately no car. School lunch isn’t bad, but it needs a lot of improvements before it could be called food. I hung out with Ashley Smith and Sterling, great group of people, unfortunately Whitney is a Freshman at a different school, and only comes part time to my school.

Last school class
Fourth period Marketing, working on my S.T.R.I.K. Video Game project, and it will definitely get a good grade. My group is lazy and I do most of the work, but at least they listen and help when asked. We worked the entire period like mad animals, and finally finished the business final draft, with the power point presentation near completion - since I got the Mario sounds uploaded.

Home at last
I go home, Zelda Nintendo 64, still a good game...

6:00pm, extended family dinner, stay there long enough to get food and leave. It was 30 minutes away and I had to get to the charity work at 7:00pm. Barnes and Nobles book gift wrapping, in the two hours I stayed we got twenty three dollars in donations. It wasn’t bad, but I’m sure we can do better next time. The funds go to my debate class and are used in our debate meets. The upcoming one is at BYU, an Model United Nations competition. I’m going to get gypped this time, since I’m a “newbie” in a varsity class, I have to get paired up with another “newbie”. We will still do well, and practice our section of our debate, and place high even.

I went home and showered, spoke to Whitney on Aim for a measly twenty minutes, then she called me on the phone when her Aim disconnected and we spoke another ten minutes while she badgered me about how I don’t speak to her enough. But I really do, and I care for her, and she knows it. She made fun of me when I typed these exact words to her, and decided my diary entry was quite weird. Then I agreed, and replied that diary entries of mine are always weird. She is beginning to say something, “When I was walking around the corner I saw you coming, and you looked cute today.” I thanked her, and replied on how beautiful her hair was, and began to hang up saying, “Goodnight sweet rose petal.” I then went to bed.