A wonderful boozer in Islington with excellent food

The Crown lies in a well - off part of Islington, London, about 10 minutes by foot from Angel tube station, a part of London where you're still pretty safe to walk around. The outside doesn't look like much with its stained windows, but as soon as you step inside, a warm buzzing noise will surround you, created by the 100 or so happy and relaxed guests of this great pub.

The place is lit by a nice mixture of low electric lights and candles, giving it a cosy, homely feel. The interior is impressively preserved from times of yonder, with woodframed, revolvable glass panels surrounding the bar (so the barkeeper is not exposed to the faces of his customers all the time).

The beers on tab are excellent: Hoegaarden (which is steadily becoming a mainstay in London Pubs), multiple London Ales and some fashionable lagers are all there. Service is swift by the usual crowd of multi-ethnic barkeepers (they even have an american - W00T!), but the best thing about The Crown is the food: Classic british pub food with organic ingredients and good portions. Unusual for a pub, this even has a smokefree dining room where you can enjoy your bangers and mash without getting smoke blown in your face.

On the weekend, the kitchen serves lovely Sunday roasts and during the summer you can have your beer and drink it in the beer garden.


The Crown, 116 Cloudesley Rd, London, N1 0EB, Tel: 020 7837 7107