I dreamed that my father came to visit me in my flat by the university. He's never been here in real life. It was one of those strange daytimes when all the sunlight outside is like invisible molten glass...

He sat down on my bed and started saying something about the heater in my room, like "That's pretty cheap," or something.
"Yeah, it's the only one I could get." I said. My computer was on too, I remember.

I walked over and hugged him; I started crying... "What's this about?" he said. "Are you having trouble coming up with a thesis for a paper or something?"
I didn't say anything.
"Oh." he said, eventually. "It's because I'm going to die."
"Yeah." I said. "We all are, eventually."

I remember seeing something on my computer at this point, but I can't remember what it was. Then he spoke again, just about everyone in general, I could tell:

"With the small amount of time given to us, we have created electronic gaming."

I woke up crying.