Beauty is measured in milliHelens (mH)

One Helen is defined as sufficient beauty to launch 1000 ships, therefore one mH is enough to launch one ship. For less aesthetically pleasing people, microHelens or negative Helens can be used.

Now, I don't agree with the artificial standard of beauty in any way. It puts an unreasonable amount of pressure on people to look like Barbie dolls. I dislike Barbie dolls. I like people to have personality, and, while, yes, I am shallow, and appearances do matter to me, it's not that big a thing. This w/u is a joke, and should be intended as such. If you're not Helen of Troy, don't worry.

Nobody is Helen of Troy. So what. If you're reading this, you're interesting enough to have discovered E2, which is way cooler than conforming to arbitrary social values.