A villain of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

For a short time the man who was to be known as Universo, served as one of the Green Lantern Corps, possessing a power ring. Because Universo used the ring for his own ends, the Guardians of the Universe stripped Universo of his ring and position as a Green Lantern.

Universo first came in to conflict with the Legion when he traveled into the past hoping to kill the Legionaires to clear the way for his takeover of earth. The Legionaires employed a time cube invented by Rond Vidar to travel into the past. There with Rond's help they defeated Universo. Rond later revealed that Universo was in fact his father.

Universo battled the Legion on numerous occasions, often using hypnosis to gain control of Legion members.

He has twice taken over the Earth, by hypnotizing its citizens. The first time he was defeated with the help of his son. In hopes of not making the same mistake twice, Universo attempted to kill his son, so that he would not interfere with his plan. Universo believed he was successful, but unbeknownst to him, Rond had been given his father's power ring by the Guardians of the Universe and it protected him from harm. Universo then hypnotized all of Earth's inhabitants. Having taken the members of the Legion he believed were most likely to twart his plans to another planet, along with the champions of the other worlds, Universo began his rule of Earth by disbanding the Legion of Super-Heroes. The four members of the Legion taken off world, Saturn Girl, Brainiac 5, Dream Girl, and Chameleon Boy, escaped the prison planet along with the rest of the captives and the four Legionaires returned to Earth. There they thwarted Universo's plan to take over the Earth a second time.