Reep Daggle is the real name of Chameleon Boy. Chameleon Boy is from the planet Durlan. His species has developed the ability to transform themselves into any other creature. The Durlans are have golden skin, bald head, pointed ears and two antennae, with which they scan all lifeforms. This enables the Durlans to gain the ability to assume that creature's shape.

Although they are an insular species, Reep Daggle left Durlan to go to Earth. There, he applied for membership in the Legion of Super-Heroes. He was accepted and was dubbed Chameleon Boy by Colossal Boy.

Years later, Reep Daggle learned that his father was actually R.J. Brande, the man that the three founding members of the Legion rescued at the Legion's founding. Brande financed the Legion for years. Brande was a Durlan who was frozen in the form of R.J. Brande and therefore, did not return to Durlan out of shame.

Chameleon Boy was the leader of the Legion Espionage Squad.

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