A super-powered menace published by DC Comics. Titano first appeared in Superman #127.

Titano started out as a simple ape named Toto who was highly intelligent and part of a stage act. At a charity event hosted by media celebrity and ace reporter Lois Lane, Toto performed, showing his amazing intelligence and ability to learn. During Toto's performance, two comedians who also appeared as part of the event, began to throw cream pies, one of which struck Toto. The audience began to laugh at Toto, not realizing that they were hurting Toto's sensitive simian pride. Only Lois Lane felt any compassion for the humiliated primate, taking the time to wipe the cream pie from his face. In doing so, Toto recognized Lois as a friend and would have begun to confide in her about his feelings and would have carried on a long correspondence with the star reporter had it not been for the fact that he was a chimp.

After the show, Toto's handler informed Lois that the following week Toto was scheduled to be launched into space, and invited her to cover the story. Because of the close bond between the reporter and the ape, Lois accepts and the following week is present when Toto is strapped into a rocket and sent hurtling into a low orbit around the earth. As usual for comics, the NASA launch technicians are portrayed as a bunch of know-nothing idiots, because soon after launch, Toto's capsule encounters two huge meteors which collide within feet of the capsule. The scientists at NASA though unable to detect the presence of the meteors until after launch are able to discern that one of them was composed of uranium while the other was composed of kryptonite. The scientists are unsure of what effect exposure to these radioactive meteors will have had on the poor occupant of the craft.

Once the capsule lands, Toto emerges from the craft and promptly grows to gigantic size. He scoops Lois Lane up and wanders off, causing general havoc. Lois renames the poor ape Titano and waits for the inevitable arrival of the Man of Steel. Unfortunately for the last son of Krypton, Titano is not your ordinary giant ape. Exposure the the kryptonite has given him kryptonite vision which quickly takes the starch out of Superman's cape. While Superman recovers and tries to figure a way out to save Lois, Titano spends some time playing with train cars and a blimp. Eventually, Superman, through the use of lead is able to save Lois and capture Titano.

The government decides that they will have to dispose of Titano, being as he is too great a threat to humanity and they will never be able to afford the monthly banana allowance. Lois pleads for his life and while the government is distracted, Superman grabs the ape and travels back in time. He leaves Titano there where he can be with animals more his size though how much a giant ape is going to pal around with a T-Rex remained to be seen.

Titano made a post-Crisis appearance, in which we learned the evil of animal testing. The post-Crisis Titano's fate was less happy than the pre-Crisis version, with the poor ape being killed by the mechaniations of heartless scientists.