The TV-Boy is a modern day (well released in 1995 which is still fairly modern) Atari 2600 clone. It looks basically like a first generation Nintendo game paddle with an antenna. The entire Atari emulator is actually built into the game paddle (no faux woodgrain anywhere on this unit). The antenna broadcasts the game video to your TV. Your TV has to be tuned to Channel 13. There’s no actual cartridge port, however. So put that sick copy of Custer's Revenge away. There are 127 hacked games contained in the unit’s ROM and are accessible by an on-screen menu. As you might have guessed by now, this is a highly unauthorized product. It was manufactured in China and was popular in Europe.

Most of the hacked games have the original copyright notices removed and many of the sprites have been altered, in some lame attempt to avoid copyright infringement. Many of the games are Activision and Imagic games. Of course none of the games use their original names. Missile Command is called “Sky Destroyer”. Pitfall is called “Forest Walk”. Atari Pac-Man is called “Pill Munching Fiend Who Runs from Ghosts and Really Tests the Limits of 4K Bank Switching Techniques”. Okay I made that last one up.

If you prefer not to use TV-Boy’s lame Nintendo-style control pad, the paddle also has two connectors for standard Atari joysticks.

TV Boy runs off of four AA batteries.

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