A super-hero created for DC Comics by Creig Flessel. The Shining Knight first appeared in Action Comics #66 in August 1941.

The Shining Knight began his career in adventure as one of the knights of King Arthur at Camelot. When Sir Fallon, Queen Guinevere's cousin, is mortally wounded by the ogre Blunderbore, Sir Justin steps forth to avenge the fallen knight.

Traveling north with on his horse Victory and dressed in the armor of Sir Fallon, Justin encountered two thieves who he easily bested. When he pursued them with his lance, he accidentally pierced a tree which stood nearby. In doing so, Justin broke a spell which had trapped the wizard Merlin in the shape of a tree. In repayment for Sir Justin's deed, Merlin transformed his armor into a light form-fitting suit of mail, caused his sword, lance and shield to be unbreakable, and caused Victory to grow wings, giving the horse the ability to fly.

So armed, Sir Justin went to fight the ogre. In the insuing battle, Blunderbore caused Sir Justin and Victory to become entrapped in an ice flow. There the two would stay until early in 1941.

The ice flow, which had over the years broken off and floated to see as an iceberg had floated to the shore of New England where it was discovered by the museum curator named Dr. Moresby. Freeing the two, Moresby helped Sir Justin to create a new identity as Justin Arthur and employed him at the museum. Sir Justin soon came to the attention of the police when he helped catch a couple of thieves. Moresby again came to Sir Justin's aid by telling the police that he was The Shining Knight.

Sir Justin continued to fight crime over the years, becoming a member of the Justice Society of America, The Law's Legionaires, and the All-Star Squadron. Sir Justin became romantically involved with the heroine Firebrand for a time as well.

Having returned from an extended stay in the past, Sir Justin now works with the present day Justice Society of America. He has used advanced technology to allow his armor, helmet, and shield to deploy like the armor plating on the Batmobile in the Batman movies. His helmet also now sports a radio.