A group of heroes published by Comico. The Elementals first appeared in Elementals #1.

In response to a being named Saker's attempt to gather a huge amount of mystical energy to be used by him to rule the world, the forces of nature embodied in the four elements (Air, Earth, Fire, and Water), decided to raise up some champions of their own. To this end, they endowed four people with powers corresponding to one of the four elements. The twist to this is that they used four people who were already dead.

The Elementals, as they came to be called, were:

  • Jenette Crane/Morningstar: A police officer, Crane was killed when the building she was in was burned to the ground by an arsonist. Crane returned having the ability to project high intensity flame, often times accompanied by flaming eyes and hair. Morningstar adopted the role of leader of the Elementals.
  • Jeff Murphy/Vortex: A former pilot in Vietnam, it was hinted that Murphy took part in some type of questionable behavior during the war. He returned to the U.S. and became a helicopter pilot for the Coast Guard. Murphy and his helicopter crashed when caught in a waterspout. Murphy returned with the ability to fly and create and control winds. Vortex is also probably the most unlucky of the Elementals, often getting injured to the point of death (except that the Elementals are already dead and therefore cannot die).
  • Tommy Czuchra/Monolith: Czuchra was the fourteen year old son of an archeologist and was killed in a landslide that also killed his father. Czuchra was a child genius but socially awkward with others. He returned with the ability to transform into a massive creature composed of earth and stone which was superhumanly strong. Czuchra was the brains of the Elementals.
  • Rebecca Golden/Fathom: Daughter of a rich family, Golden was killed in a yachting accident. She returned with the largest physical change, having been transformed into a green skinned version of her former self. She could control water in any form, projecting it in forceful sprays and could also tranform into water. Golden's father's estate became the Elementals home in the early stories but they later moved to their own home.
The Elementals fought against many different supernatural foes, with their main enemies being Saker and his agents the Destroyers. The Destroyers were used in early versions of the game Champions by their creator Bill Willingham.

The Elementals as a series attempted to address the idea of the characters being placed in the "real world" rather than in a comic book world. The characters initially acted a little more realistically than their counterparts in other comics, like killing opponents rather than putting them in jail, but as with other experiments in this field (like Marvel Comics New Universe) once the characters are placed in this world, the "real world" and the world in which the comics characters exist rapidly begin to diverge.

The Elementals series went through a number of cancellations and restarts. The creator Bill Willingham seemed to have a definite idea about what he intended for the series, but difficulties with publishers and the fact that he comes off in everything I have ever read that was not comics related as an opinionated twit ultimately caused the series demise.