A super-hero published by DC Comics. Magno first appeared in Smash Comics #13 in 1940.

Tom Dalton is the real name of the hero Magno. Dalton's job as a lineman for a power company brought him contact with fresh air, bright sunshine, and the beauty of America's highway system. On one particular day, it also brought him into contact with 10,000 volts of DC electricity, killing him. His partner exploited a little known vaguary of electrical engineering and exposed the corpse to 10,000 volts of AC electrictity, bringing him back from the dead. Had this been an EC Comic, Dalton would have been raised from the dead with a hunger for human flesh or with a need to electrocute those he loved, but as it was a super-hero book, Dalton had been given electrical and magnetic powers.

Dalton used his powers to become Magno. Magno could draw or repel bullets using his magnetic powers and melt them with his electrical powers. He could also shock his opponents when he hit them. The only weakness that Magno possessed was that occasionaly he would run out of power, either forcing him to find a handy exposed wire or to stick his finger in an electrical outlet.

Magno became one of the Freedom Fighters, a group of super-powered heroes. Most of this team were killed trying to repel the attack upon Pearl Harbor.