Ayla Ranzz is the real name of Lightning Lass. Ayla is the twin sister of Garth Ranzz, Lightning Lad, one of the founding members of the Legion of Super-Heroes. They and their brother Mekt crash landed on the planet Korbal, where they were attacked by the lightning beasts of Korbal. They gained the ability to project electricity.

When Lightning Lad was killed in a Legion mission, Ayla Ranzz disguised herself as her brother, pretending that he had come back from the dead. She was soon discovered and joined the Legion in her own right as Lightning Lass.

Lightning Lass would have had to resign from the Legion when her brother returned from the dead due to a clause in the Legion charter not allowing members to have duplicate powers, but Dream Girl, a new member of the Legion, had a precognative dream that Lightning Lass would be killed in an explosion along with other members of the Legion. Dream Girl rigged a dynamo to remove Lightning Lass's power, but instead of removing her power, it changed her ability to that of being able to make things "super-light," effectively negating gravity around an object. Lightning Lass rejoined the Legion as Light Lass.

Lightning Lass has been romantically involved with Timber Wolf in the past.