A villain published by Fawcett Comics and later DC Comics. IBAC first appeared in Captain Marvel Adventures #8 in March, 1942.

The villain IBAC was originally a loser named Stanley "Stinky" Printwhistle. Stanley was never successful at anything and desired power and prestige. He was approached by Lucifer and made an offer: Lucifer would give Stanley power beyond his wildest imagination if he would defeat Captain Marvel. The cost to Stanley was his immortal soul.

Never one for bargins, Stanley accepted Lucifer's offer and the deal was struck. Stanley was given power of four of the most evil people in history:

When Stanley said the word IBAC, he became immensely evil and powerful. Calling himself IBAC, Stanley attempted to defeat Captain Marvel on a number of occassions, but always met with defeat. Each defeat left Stanley promising to repent and walk the straight and narrow, but he invariablely returned to IBAC again.

IBAC was a member of Mr. Mind's Monster Society of Evil, teaming up with other villains like Captain Nazi, Mister Mind, Mister Banjo, Black Adam, and others in an attempt to defeat the Marvel Family.