A super-hero published by both Fawcett Comics and DC Comics. Bulletman first appeared in Nickel Comics #1.

Jim Barr was a chemist who worked for the local police department. Though he was small and frail, Jim's greatest desire was to be a real policeman and fight crime, instead of just working in the lab. To this end, Jim created a chemical formula that when taken would enhance the physique and intelligence of the person consuming it. Soon, Jim was a strapping he-man, but his added intelligence made him realize that he would be wasting his talents simply wearing a badge and keeping the peace. He was destined for greater things, so Jim created a helmet that would allow him to fly and that would deflect bullets. Donning his Gravity Regulator Helmet and a colorful costume, Jim became Bulletman, the Flying Detective.

Soon Jim was fighting crime and using his incredible brains to help solve mystery after mystery. Though, he never wore a mask and his helmet clearly revealed his face, Bulletman and Jim were never connected until Susan Kent (no relations to Clark), the daughter of Jim's superior and his girlfriend figures out that Jim and Bulletman are one in the same. Desiring to help in Bulletman's fight to clean up the town, Susan convinces Jim to make her a helmet, too. Donning a similar costume and her new helmet, Susan begins to fight crime along side Jim as Bulletgirl.

The two became members of the Crime Crusaders Club along side such Fawcett notables as Captain Marvel, Jr. and the Minute-Man. Later, in DC Comics, they were members of Shazam's Squadron of Justice.

In probably the saddest episode of Bulletman's career, Jim created a collar for his dog Slug and the dog flew about in a cape known as (you guessed it), Bulletdog