A three-part comic book miniseries released in 1999 by Image and Flypaper Press. Written by Gotham Chopra (son of Deepak Chopra) and Brett Lewis. Art done by Michael Avon Oeming.

The story centers on Kar who is very adept at martial arts but is a bit of a hot-head. He is given a pendant by his mother who tells him to head to the United States to find the legendary man who once owned it. Legend had it that this man had once assisted the village in fighting off an advancement of Nazi troops during World War II. When the battle ended victoriously for the village, this mysterious man left the pendant which had been engraved with the words "Bulletproof Monk". Hence, legend had it that this Bulletproof Monk would return to help out when Tibet was in dire straits again.

Unfortunately, Kar ends up enjoying the US too much and meets up with a small group of young Asian thugs. They battle at first with Kar gaining the upper hand but he ends up joining them in their daily routine. One of the gang members is the daughter of the local crime lord, Boss Wei. Kar takes a liking to her and soon finds himself in a mess involving Asian-American gangs, a Chinese government assassin, and, of course, Bulletproof Monk.

A movie is being made of the miniseries with Chow Yun Fat set to star as the monk in question. The film is being produced by John Woo and Terence Chang and is aimed for a 2002 release.