A hero published by Marvel Comics. Aurora first appeared in in X-Men #120 in 1979.

Jeanne-Marie Beaubier and her twin brother Jean-Paul were born in Canada to unknown parents. After their parents were killed, Jean-Paul was adopted by friends of their parents, but Jeanne-Marie was placed in a strict Catholic boarding school. After the death of the people who adopted Jean-Paul, the two lost all contact with one another and would not meet again for many years.

Jeanne-Marie endured a harsh existence in the boarding school and while in her early teens attempted suicide by throwing herself from the top of the school. Unbeknownst to anyone, Jeanne-Marie was a mutant and her powers kicked at that moment, allowing her to fly safely to the ground. Believing that she was saved by God, Jeanne-Marie went the next morning to the head mistress of the school to tell her how God had saved her. Seeing Jeanne-Marie's claims as blasphemous, the nun did what any good upstanding member of the church would do when confronted with the idea that God had directly intervened in the life of another: she beat Jeanne-Marie and caused such deep psychological scarring that she developed split personalities.

Jeanne-Marie's personalities were diametrically opposed to one another. Jeanne-Marie was a shy, reserved person who hid behind glasses and was a bit of a wallflower. The other personality was brash and forward, flaunting her sexuality. She reveled in her powers and would often go out to bars and nightclubs, places that the reserved Jeanne-Marie would never go.

During this time, Jeanne-Marie while in her more brash personaility encountered the mutant Logan outside a bar, where she had used her powers to defend herself against a group of attackers. Logan brought her to James MacDonald Hudson, who was organizing a group of heroes for the government of Canada called Alpha Flight. Hudson brought Jeanne-Marie into his group and gave her the code name Aurora. He also was able to introduced her to her brother Jean-Paul, who had grown up to be a famous snow skier and joined Alpha Flight as Northstar. Both of the Beaubier twins shared the power to fly and move at incredible speeds They could also create a blinding light if the two held hands.

The twins fought along with Alpha Flight for many years. They often squabbled, and Aurora had a romantic relationship with her teammate Walter Lankowski, the Sasquatch. During this time, Aurora would occasionally slip back into her Jeanne-Marie personality that was scandelized by Aurora and her teammates. Eventually, Aurora had Lankowski experiment on her, so that she would no longer share abilites with her brother, as an act of spite toward Jean-Paul.

Soon after this, Alpha Flight encountered Loki, the Norse god of mischief. During this time, Loki convinced the Beaubier twins that they weren't mutants but part elves from Asgard. Aurora used her powers to help heal her brother from an illness and for a time seemed to lose her abilities. Jean-Paul traveled to Asgard to learn of his past, but later had to be rescued by his sister when he was captured by trolls (don't ask). Jean-Paul gave Aurora back her powers at that point and the two returned to Earth and worked with Alpha Flight from that time forward.