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H2SO4HCL actually is Ignaz who spends most of his time learning about the world and the environment we live in. Composing music and trying to make machines talk with each other. Running around the nation, looking at how businesses are run, to gain a.n insight. He can be found in Singapore making a din in the 'backwater' town.
The cool list!!!Linux, Apache servers,** W.A.Mozart, Richard Wagner.., Issac Albeniz, Saigon Kick, Deep Purple, Synths, Keyboards, DBX, APHEX, NEVE consoles, too.Uncool list???
Spice girls, Boy bands, Windows 95 and TAXES.Likes Completing a great piece of work. Check out Ignaz message for 2005
#include cout<"Have a lot of fun!Where do you want to go tommorow?"; Added in 2005 Jan - Hey guys and girls, I'm sorry if I didn't or couldn't reply promptly to any of your personal messages on this cool unique message board / forum. I've been working with my hands and traveling lots for the past few years, using the Internet mainly to access email and basic research. I actually ended up spending more time in the library for my research. I've finished my studies in Computer Science, then Accounting and Finance. Unlike the days when I was running my business, I could sit at the computer for 12 hours a day. Until then I can only dream about hanging out on the Internet and doing writeups on Everything2. Right, this site rocks!