Docklets (more commonly referred to as Docklings) are simple applications with interfaces that are anchored within a users' Mac OS X Dock and have no free-floating windows or menu bar functionality. Docklets can be activated (they are automatically launched as the Dock launches when the user logs in) by a single mouse-click, which usually supplies the user with a menu of selectable options or information. Otherwise, the Docklet's icon locality in the Dock can convey graphical content (such as CPU taxation, weather statistics, network activity, current time, etc.)

They range from simple access utilities to novelties to simplified internet portals.

A Docklet I find invaluable for my daily MacOS X activities is Prefling, a Docklet that enables rapid access to the list of active System Preferences

For a logical predecessor, see the NeXTStep/OpenStep "dockapp".