The name Dacia originally refers to the Roman province that covered approximately present-day Romania. The emperor Trajan conquered the area, inhabited by a people called Daci (whom the Greeks called Getae) and set up a province of Dacia in 106*. It was occupied by the Goths in the late third century and passed out of the Roman sphere.

The modern Romanian pronunciation of the word would be DAH-cha.

* /me screams at getting three different dates (105, 106, and 107) from three different normally reliable on-line sources.

/me then thanks Gone Jackal for being smarter than the bunch of them put together. The Second Dacian War lasted from 105 to 107, but the official incorporation of the province took place in 106.

(ed. note: For more about the Gothic world during the later ages of the Roman Empire read: The Origin and Deeds of The Goths by Jordanes, translated by Charles C. Mierow.