Lightcycle was a video game featured in the cult movie TRON. It featured players placed in a 2d playing area, each given a vehicle that moved very quickly. As these vehicles moved they would leave a trail behind them. The trail would act like a wall. The winner of the game would be the last man standing; players died when they collided with a trail, the border of the playing area or another player.

In the film, TRON and his friends escaped from the game by tricking another player into colliding head on with the border at full speed. The explosion blew a hole in the wall through which TRON and friends escaped.

This game is so simple, addictive and fun that many versions of it have been written for many different platforms; I have coded it in REALbasic, OPL and Visual Basic. If you use Linux, the Mac OS or Windows then you can play a networked OpenGL version, available at <>.

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