I'm not particularly happy that we're at war today.

It bugs me when I hear W talking about nations banding together for "our common defense." These nations aren't banding together to defend themselves, they're banding together to invade another nation. To attack. Maybe this is necessary in order to prevent terrorism. I'm not convinced, and it sounds like most of the world agrees with me there. But my opinion doesn't matter, I'm just one of those wacky California liberals who thinks we should have actually counted the ballots in Florida a couple of years ago, and maybe averted this whole war before it started.

I spent the car ride home from work listening to NPR's coverage of the start of the war. A member of the administration, I believe it was Ari Fleischer, was quoted as saying that "there were going to be casualties."


Of course there are going to be casualties. The US military just launched a few laser-guided missiles into Iraq with the intent of destroying something. There were probably people around whatever's so important to blow up; they're probably dead now.

Oh yeah. We're at war. The other side isn't made up of real people any more; they're the enemy.