If you do donuts and are not careful, you will eventually require the use of a donut.

"Donut" is the correct spelling for the poor, redheaded stepchild of a spare tire that accompanies most new autmobiles.

Donuts replaced spare tires in the late 1970s to the early 1980s as a way to reduce weight and improve fuel efficiency, which automakers selling into the United States were required by law to do.

Donut tires are not supposed to be driven on any further than it takes to haul your flat tire to a tire store; furthermore, it is unsafe to drive on a donut faster than 50 M.P.H. (About 82 K.P.H.)

Well, in theory at least. I've seen people driving on donut in the strangest places. I bet E2ers have some great Driving on donut tires: Stories of endurance.