If you played Fallout 2 with a lucky and perceptive character, you may have discoved some of these special encounters. Normally, when you walked around the post-nuclear wasteland of the game, you usually met creatures who wanted to make a nice sandwich out of you. Sometimes, however, the encounter was special. In essence, you got to do something really memorable, like cause the events of the two Fallout games in the first place, or find an item not available anywhere else in the game.

These are the Special Encounters of Fallout 2. I think this is all of them, but I can't be sure, as there may be ones that have escaped my detection. I haven't actually found all of these myself, so I have used my friends experiences in some of the encounters. Some of the names are probably incorrect as it has been awhile since I or anyone of my friends has found them. Corrections are welcome. Be warned though, this list contains spoilers for the game!

  • CafĂ© of Broken Dreams
    Recreates a part of downtown Hub from Fallout 1. In the cafe are several characters, who, according to their words, are rejects from the first game. Also in the cafe is Dogmeat, everyone's favourite dog from Fallout 1. Take off all your armor so he can see your Vault 13-suit, and he'll follow you.
  • Mad Brahmin
    An endless supply of exploding brahmin (a two-headed cow). You'll take damage from the explosions, but killing the brahmin is an endless source for XP, as the creatures will respawn after a while.
  • Guardian of Forever
    Remember this one from Star Trek? He'll take you back in time to Vault 13 just before Fallout 1. Fiddle around with the computers, and you might just break something...the water chip perhaps. Search out all the rooms first, as you'll find the Solar Scorcher in one of them.
  • Guardian of the Bridge
    This one is from Monty Python. The guardian will ask you some questions, and depending on your intelligence and speech skills, you should be able to counter his third question, causing him to take some 700 points of damage. Loot his corpse, and get the Bridgekeeper Robes, which provide as much protection as a Combat Armor, but weigh less.
  • King Arthur's Knights
    These guys are looking for the Holy hand-granade of Antioch. Point them to some random direction, and ask for the Garden of Eden Creation Kit. They'll point you to the same direction as you pointed them. If you are enough of a thief, you might be able to steal some heavy weaponry from these guys.
  • Crashed Shuttle
    A crashed shuttle Copernicus from Star Trek. Nothing special, except you'll find some full hyposprays here, whereas you'd normally find them empty everywhere else in the game.
  • The Whale
    Straight from "The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy". This is the whale who materialized spontaniously over a planet, and achieved sentience moments before reaching the surface in what is argueably the most hillarious crashlanding in the literary history. This is just his splashed remains in the middle of nowhere.
  • Tin Man
    The guy is stuck in his armor. you should be able to find a can of oil nearby, which you can apply to the poor fellow, and receive a reward.
  • Talking Head
    Basically a talking head in the desert. Nothing special really, Wasn't even very funny.