In a fit of rage a while back, I wiped my hard drive and purged everything Windows related (I would maybe have considered dual-booting, but Windows had placed an immovable file at exactly the 10 gig mark of a 13 gig hard drive; fuck that, then). Considering my alternatives, I picked Linux, and installed potato; between a free Debian system, and shelling out money for Corel or RedHat, the choice was obvious, though in all fairness, I installed Slackware first, laughed my balls off, then wiped that.

Since then, I've spent so much of my time screwing around with my computer, trying to climb out of the pit of my ignorance, that I can't get any work done. On the other hand, I've never enjoyed my ignorance this much. But for this reason alone, Linux sucks.

At the day's end, the sense of freedom is more than worth it; in secret, when nobody's looking, I give my computer a hug.