Void is, as well as being a word that stimulates people to write random semi-philosophical nonsense, a miniature-based wargame that is often comapared to warhammer 40k, as its miniatures are modelled in a suspiciously similar style, and the game engine has many similarities. This is most likely due in no small part to the company, i-kore, who make the game, being run by ex-staff members of games workshop, the creators of 40k.

The game is based around a number of human forces, representing the independent colonies and original inhabitants of the planet Viridia, and one alien race, the koralon. The human forces currently include the viridians themselves, the most conventional of the races, the low-tech junkers who use massive legions of convicts as their main fighting force, the hi-tech syntha who use androids and cyborgs, and the Viridan Aeronautics and Space Agency, or Vasa, who are somewhat similar to a more effective version of the UN, as they act as an interplanetary police-force, using troops drawn from all the human races, as well as their own fearsome black legionaries.
The I-Kore website at www.i-kore.co.uk contains more information as well as free rules for anyone interested.