IndefiniteArticle: don't go. Come back. Start a new account. Write more nodes. We need more noders. Not until all the knowledge under the sun has been noded will we be happy. We don't care that you "cheated". It's not a game; you put in a lot of effort, and you deserve some credit for that. So what if you moved up levels while the rest of us didn't? If we never thought of it as a game ourselves, would we care at all? I don't think so. True, most of us try to see xp and levels as secondary at best, but we're all guilty of that little rush of factual nodes when we're just 5 w/u's away from the next level, aren't we? Not that there's anything wrong with factual nodes, but really, would you have written them if it was 50 nodes to level 4, and not 5? So don't leave. Stay with us, just try to play by the rules this time.