"The Gift" is the 32nd episode of the third season of "The Twilight Zone", and was first broadcast in April of 1962. It featured Geoffrey Horne as a mysterious man named "Williams", and Nico Minardos as the doctor sent to treat him. It also featured a small role for Paul Mazursky, who would later claim fame as a director.

This story is set in a small town in Mexico, and it is a story about xenophobia, although back in 1962, there was perhaps less immediate relation in these two concepts than there would be to a current audience. I am still curious as to how the setting for this story, a small Mexican village mostly separated from the modern world, is relevant to the basic story: about a strange visitor who comes to town, who is viewed as a threat by the people there. This is, after all, the story of Jesus and E.T., and so its particular setting doesn't seem to be too relevant. It seems almost like a stylistic choice. And one that is carried out respectfully: the villagers here are not portrayed comically, at least not compared to the people in, for example, Hocus Pocus and Frisbee. The setting seems almost incidental to what is one of the most classic story ideas: A Stranger Comes to Town. The basic idea of the story is to condemn xenophobia, to show that when we reject outsiders, we reject the gifts they bring. But the episode doesn't make good use of its moody and suspenseful set-up, presenting an ending that is too pat and too melodramatic. This episode isn't quite what it could have been, but it makes sense in light of other Twilight Zone episodes that were broadcast around the same time.