I'm certain that the above wu will rest in oblivion soon, but let me clear this up anyway...

Women (and I'm talking about heterosexual women here. As a heterosexual man, I've had very little contact with gay women, so I don't know what goes on there) like men. You know why you so-called nice guys are having such problems? Because either:

A) You're trying too hard. You think that women want someone who is sensitive, polite, forgiving, tolerant, and empathetic. Here's the thing... They do, but they also want you to be a man. Your own man. Reverse the sterotype for a second. Would you want a woman who did nothing but act or try to act the way she thought you wanted her to? Would you want a woman who never told you that you were wrong, who never made a joke at your expense, who never sent you off cycling/drinking/whatever for the day because she wanted some time apart from your sorry ass? No (at least I hope not). Some of the things that make a woman great are not what you would call nice. See what I mean? Be yourself. Be a man. Be a good man (keep the ego in check, keep the testosterone in check, listen, love, etc.), but be a man. Be yourself. Quit worrying so much about what women want. They'll tell you if you listen.

B) You're hiding behind the "nice guy" label. You say the reason women aren't catching your vibe is because you're too nice. Might it have something to do with the fact that you haven't showered in a week? Maybe the last time you broke a sweat was when you ran to the store when EverQuest came out? Maybe your hair looks like a pile of crap? Can you talk about something besides multidimensional arrays and flaws in TCP/IP? See what I mean? It may not be that you are too nice (though that can be a problem). It may be that you're not doing the best you can with what you have.

Don't get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with being nice. I will even be nice when the occasion warrants it. However, if that's all you got and you're trying to work it, you're in trouble. Of course women aren't going to dig you. You know why? Because even more than women like men, they like people. And a person who's sole quality is that he can act excessively nice and pander to his own idea of what he thinks someone wants is not a very attractive person.