One last medical thing for the Peace Corps. And then, I'm done. Again.

This is the actual conversation I had with the nurse:

Nurse: So you just need those numbers again? (referring to the UA.)
ME: (Pointing at the form) See, here where it says blood, the hemoglobin number is written down. It was supposed to go over there(I gesture to the spot on the form that says hemoglobin). I need all the numbers again to just clarify that my UA was normal.
Nurse:But, we wrote hemoglobin after it.
Me:Yes, but the number goes over there.
Nurse:That's silly.
I stare at the nurse blankly for a few seconds and then say:
Me:Well, it's government paperwork. (I pause for a moment.) The office of medical services is responisble for medically clearly thousands of people a year. I don't think its too much to ask that the paperwork is filled out correctly.

The nurse stared at me blankly for a moment, made a sassy pfft sound at me and walked away. It wasn't until later that I got really mad about the whole thing. This is my life right now. Whether or not I continue to work at my crappy, meaningless retail job or I get to do something related to my degree all depends on three little numbers right now. Three little numbers that a nurse in this doctor's office wrote down in the wrong place (actually, one number she wrote down in the wrong place, and another she completely omitted.). It irritates me to know end that this nurse would so easily write off something as silly that clearly has so much effect on me that I've had to make a special trip to their office for these stupid little numbers. Grrrrr.