Finally, a night without an erotic dream. Instead, I had dreams about video games. I'm not sure if that's good or bad.

Atari Bubblegum: I have dreams about the atari 2600 every now and then. This was my first real game system, and I still play it every now and then. Demon Attack ruled, Phoenix blew. Well, I was in a strange nostalgia shop, which I think I've been in before in other dreams, and I was hanging out in the video game department. All of the atari games were packaged in tubes, presumably to keep compatiblity with the store's automated archival systems, since the store was so huge. I searched through the stock, and discovered a section of games that had additional components (much like Star Raiders had the extra controller). Among them was a strange game called Bubblegum Fighters, which was packaged with this high-tech electronic bubblegum that you were supposed to chew as you played the game. How well you chewed altered how well you did in the game. Unfortunately, the dream ended before I got to play the game. I just chewed the gum instead. The bubblegum reference may have something to do with my new tongue piercing. The night before I kept waking myself up when it clicked against my teeth.

Carmageddon Commute: Part of my regular trip home has involved a lot of construction and delays, and sometimes I take the back route home. Annoyingly, I never know if it saves me any time, since if I take the back route, I don't know if there were any delays. At some point along this route, the drive turned into the game Carmageddon, and I rocketted off of a collapsed bridge, falling miles down to the road below. The car had a parachute. I think the girl I like was in the car with me, which could also be a reference to the fact that I crashed my car on the way to get my tongue pierced, and she was in it at the time. I'm not sure where the dream went from there, although I remember retrying the jump a few times.