I haven't remembered any dreams in at least a week. Then, last night, I slept on the couch, instead.

  • Chrinos Furby: I was at a party, and I had brought my furby. It's evil, I know. Anyway, it started talking much more fluidly and coherently than normal, and it was chanting evil phrases and picking up all the girls. It also got really big. I think I defeated it by taking out its batteries.
  • The argument we never had: This one was very depressing. I woke up feeling like crap. It started as a typical erotic dream about an ex; it was decidedly one-sided, like sex with her usually was. But then I was back to moving from my old house, and she was there helping me move. (Lots of people pitched in, which of course didn't happen). She wound up chatting with this slutty girl that used to hang out at LARPs, picking up the gamer geeks for sport, even though they didn't really get along in real life. I overheard them talking about a new guy that my ex was fucking. Now, my ex decided she was gay sometime in the middle of our relationship, so this obviously pissed me off. I took her outside and yelled at her, which is something I never did. Something I never asked her, I asked her in the dream: "Who else did you fuck when we were together?" I've always wanted to know, because I've always had suspicions. But she never answered me. The truth is that I know for a fact that she was sleeping with another male ex while I was in California, despite her lesbianism. But she never told me, which is one of the many reasons I decided to stop even trying to be friends with her. All in all, it was a very depressing dream.