16 Volt contributed numerous songs to video game soundtracks, including the PS2 video game Primal, which made use of six tracks from Supercoolnothing. In addition, the album Supercoolnothing was re-released in two versions: one was a 2 CD set that featured two unreleased tracks, and tracks remixed by various artists, including members of Filter, Orgy and Crazy Town. This was called Super Cool Nothing V2. The other was a limited re-release of the regular album, in a digipak case that was limited to 1000 copies.

Eric Powell also contributed to the industrial supergroup project known as H3llb3nt, that also included people such as Jared Louche of Chemlab, Charles Levi of Thrill Kill Kult, and Bryan Black of Haloblack. In addition to Eric Powell, 16 Volt's live shows included John DeSalvo (also known as Servo in industrial circles), and Mike Peoples.

16 Volt appeared on a number of cover albums and compilation albums, including TV Terror: Felching a Dead Horse (where they covered the theme to The Love Boat), and Newer Wave (where they covered Planet Earth). They also participated in the Remix Wars series released by 21st Circuitry Records with Hate Dept, creating the 16 Volt Vs. Hate Dept remix EP.

16 Volt disbanded in late 2003, and their singer, Eric Powell, has went on to form a new band called Ringer with a member of Orgy.