So, what have we learned from all this?
  1. If someone is tailgating, they're an asshole in all respects.
  2. Jokes about killing assholes are funny.
  3. Causing Death and Destruction and then blaming tailgaters is not only funny, but the right thing to do.
  4. Foster road rage every chance you get.
  5. Confrontational solutions are good, even if it means more Death and Destruction. Especially if it means more Death and Destruction.
  6. Insult and threaten unpopular groups and get Ching!ed.

If somebody is tailgating, gently apply the brake, gradually slowing down until they pass you. If this doesn't work then pull over and wave them past. Do not try to incite road rage. Do not try to hurt the tailgater. Don't be a troll. Real Life isn't Destruction Derby.

Sorry if I sound like I'm trolling myself, but this stuff pisses me off. If it offends you, ignore it. Always ignore trolls.