I just watched an Episide of Shipwrecked III, which is one of those survival reality shows that I normally avoid like the plague.

I've got to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it, and will probably keep watching. From someone that can state quite honestly that they managed to watch less than 2 minutes of Big Brother.

The show started out with a bunch of Brits and 1 (one) Italian guy trying to set themselves up on the island...
...they failed.

There appear to be three or four women who seem incapable or unwilling to perform simple tasks like.. gathering firewood or searching for food. There were however three of four people who tried to get everything in order...

Then the Aussies arrived!!

It was actually three aussies and three yanks who arrived three days after the brits.. they kicked arse!!

The guy from the outback and the italian are going to be the people that keep everyone fed i'd say.. both are really energetic, both seem to know what they're doing and arnt sitting around whining..

It looks good..