Weird day not doing much. I'm a virgin as far as these daylogs are concerned, so forgive me in advance.

I went on to the Internet and signed on to AIM today. On my buddy list are the names of random people whose names I've collected from other people's profiles, blogs, whatever. No, I'm not a stalker or a flamer, or anything like that. I don't talk to these people, I read their profiles, I see their interests, their passions, their friends. I'm a loser. My only comfort is the fact that perhaps J.D. Salinger is doing the same thing, but I find that doubtful. It's not very Buddhist.

I like it here. I want to stay. I no longer wish to defect.

New York City is so nice on Sunday mornings because nobody is on the streets. Literally, nobody. No person. It gives me a look into what it would be like if there were some nuclear holocaust and I was the only survivor. Why not take the Starbucks as well?