1. Joshua, Judges, and Ruth are the only three books which form a sentence with their titles placed in the order they appear in the Bible.

2. A 1992 album by Lyle Lovett. One of his most successful albums, with it he began to lose his country audience, but was embraced by pop and "adult alternative" outlets like VH-1. It was a busy time for Lovett; the album was released between his acting debut in The Player and his 1993 marriage to Julia Roberts, which made him a household name. His irreverence and wit still appear here, but are overshadowed by the bleak, somber mood of the album.

1. I've Been to Memphis
2. Church
3. She's Already Made Up Her Mind
4. North Dakota
5. You've Been So Good Up To Now
6. All My Love Is Gone
7. Since The Last Time
8. Baltimore
9. Family Reserve
10. She's Leaving Me Because She Really Wants To
11. Flyswatter/Ice Water Blues(Monte Trenchmann's Blues)
12. She Makes Me Feel Good