Just heard a reference to this person on TV, and since there was nothing on E2, my duty was clear: Node what you don’t know.

Faye Resnick was a friend of Nicole Brown Simpson and blames O.J. Simpson for her murder. During Smpson’s trial, Resnick’s testified that Simpson used drugs during his football career and threatened Brown. Simpson counters that Resnick herself was a drug user, and it was her drug use that somehow led to the killings, perhaps by drug dealers trying to scare Resnick into paying her cocaine bills.

In a Playboy interview conducted by Vincent Bugliosi, she claimed that Simpson stalked his ex-wife for months before she was killed. In the same issue, she showed off her breast implants – and everything else – which only enhanced her credibility, I’m sure.

She also stretched out her 15 minutes of fame by "writing" two books about the case: Nicole Brown Simpson: The Private Diary of a Life Interrupted and Shattered: In the Eye of the Storm, a memoir.

She’s now an interior decorator.